The Performances and Exhibitions at the Narcotic Anonymous Art Center of California


Our Performances & Exhibitions

We always have something to show for our activities and sessions. Friends and families of our patients enjoy dances, plays, talks and art exhibitions during visits.

We Have Something to Show

Many people who have been through our hands like to call our center their ‘home of change.’ We are proud to have produced people for all artistic calibers into society. When families and friends visit their loved ones every week, they have a topic to go with.

Below is a discussion of some of the epic performances and shows we have had to entertain our guests. These activities are more of a fun moment for our patients than a routine they have to do. They love it!

1.   Theatre plays

Every month, we invite loved ones to our recovering addicts and dignitaries from Narcotics Anonymous Recovery Centers to watch our plays. It takes a whole month to prepare for such shows and plays, so the content is good. The drama therapy sessions held at our centers always have something come out of them.

The best theatre play this year was about a man who did forsake his family to indulge in drugs. He would steal from his family business and eventually nothing was left of it. He then gave up his daughter into foster care because he could not take care of her — a long story it was with a happy ending.

The man, who acted in the play from his own experience, was doing so in front of his family. They forgave him. It was so real and touching – we had to take it to the Narcotics Anonymous World Convention at the Philadelphia Convention Center

2.   Dances

All addicts engage in dance sessions. There are those who love doing it more, and they end up making a simple choreographed dance on a weekly basis. They call themselves the Eruit Ergo Addicts dance group.

Their choreographer was once an addict at our treatment center. Now, he dances in his free time and teaches our patients the skill. Comers to our weekly visits love their Latin dance performances.

3.   Art exhibitions

As part of treatment, we engage in art therapy. We display the best drawings, paintings, and illustrations for friends and families to see. Some of our patients have gone a step further to teach their loved ones to make mandalas and explain their art. They also show the collages of pictures they make and drawings of their imagined happy place.

4.   Talks

This is usually huge for most people. Every two weeks, we talk to the families of our patients on how to treat them when they go back home. We also give the recovering addicts to speak to the crowd. This boosts their confidence and lets them believe that everybody in that room cares. Therapists always prepare these speakers beforehand.

Yes! There is more to come!

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