A Day at the Narcotic Anonymous Art Center of California


Our Schedule

We are open to both inpatient and outpatient addicts. Your schedule shall dictate our choice of activities for you.


We are a welcoming family that has the personal interests of each addict at heart. Most of our patients have their schedules personalized, regardless of being in-patients or out-patients. This ushers you into a better lifestyle habit and promotes consistency. It helps you to grow.

According to The Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, having a schedule is one of the steps to sobriety. It helps you avoid many relapse triggers. Below is an example of a day at The Narcotic Anonymous Art Center of California.

Morning hours

Once you arise, shine. We serve breakfast of nutritious food only to kick-start your day. Thereafter, we head for meditation services and prayers. Once your head is clear, you can head for your personal sessions and follow-ups with therapists. We then discuss the day’s lessons and abide by the 12-step rehab program.


By noon, you are hungry. We serve lunch and break for more active sessions. This is when our trained therapists involve the group in art therapy, dance classes, and theatre group sessions. It is an opportunity for us all to interact, express emotions and boost confidence.

Later in the afternoon, the recovering addicts have their leisure time when you can engage in your hobbies. This can include reading novels, knitting, singing, cooking, working out, name it.

Evening hours

We serve a healthy dinner for our patients. When they finish eating, they engage in group discussions and interact with each other. This promotes friendships and openness. After 10 o’clock, we sleep.

For outpatient sessions, we tailor the schedule to meet your demands. It is a suitable program for recovered addicts who wish to go back to life out there. Most of their sessions involve discussions on coping up with sobriety and preventing relapse. They also motivate the recovering addicts in our center.

To The Suffering Addict

We have no schedule for the addict who still suffers. We are open to you at any time of the day; available 24/7. Come to us for help or call us.

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