Defeating Drug Addiction Using Theatre Groups

Theatre Groups – A Step towards Addiction Recovery

Attending theatre group activities is useful for fighting drug addiction. It gives you a chance to make new friends, boost creativity and let go of the past.


Theatre groups are essential to use both in the prevention and treatment of drug addiction. There is so much a person can learn by watching the plays and internalizing use of props in each story. Most drug addiction stories narrated are from real-life experience of recovered addicts.

In our center, we use it for more than the message publicized. We use it to help addicts express themselves and get over the addiction. Recovered addicts who have been through the program stay sober because of how effective theatre groups are.

Why do theatre groups work?

They give you closure and new friends. According to research conducted by Frontiers in Psychology, many people get addicted and relapse after sobriety because of lacking friends.

Abusing substances can start when they gave up in life and lack a helping hand to get you through the ordeal. To give you hope and new friends of substance, we use theatre groups. You get to have fun, socialize, and tell stories without fear of judgmental looks.

Theatre groups Activities for Recovering Addicts

Theatre groups used to treat drug addiction have no significant difference from other professional groups. We engage in similar activities. Below is a list of some of the things experts in our centers charge theatre groups to do.

  • Perform a scripted play.
  • Tell stories, whether from your own experience or imagination.
  • Use puppets to describe an experience you went through.
  • Improvise tools and come up with props.
  • Role-play with a partner or the drama therapist.
  • Use masks when telling a story.

How Do Theatre Groups Guarantee Sobriety?

Once you are sober, you will have no more reasons to relapse. Theatre groups help you to regain your self-esteem, confidence, and control over your life. You belong to a group, hence no more isolation. You will also have something to do and think about, leaving less space for alcohol thoughts.

In case you are frustrated, our theatre groups give you a safe space to express your emotions through activities assigned. Revising your painful past without feeling threatened becomes easy as well.

What do our theatre group activities do to an addict?

  • Help you to regain control over your anxieties and conflicts.
  • Give you a chance to explore future possibilities.
  • Promote togetherness as you form new real friendships.
  • Awaken your creative spirit.
  • Express your emotions by acting to be somebody else or telling your own story in a play.
  • Change the negative thought that the world is terrifying to the world is welcoming.


A recovering addict needs more than daily therapy sessions and treatment dosages. Attending theatre group sessions reduces is fun and boosts creativity. It also helps you make new friends and have hope for a brighter tomorrow. For some, these sessions are their stepping stone to a theatre-related career.

Do not hesitate. If you want to get over your addiction to substance abuse through theater or therapy, we are here to help. Email us or call.

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